Hi, my name is Mary Jane Salopek. I'm pleased to be launching my new website,
The Quilting Crusader. I consider it a privilege to pass on the love of quilting to
other people. I enjoy teaching people how to quilt, and I enjoy making quilts
for others. This website is dedicated to that.

I'm from Steeler Nation - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you forget the name
Quilting Crusader you can also find me at blackandgoldquilts.com. I make
black and gold quilts (with either Steeler gold or Penguin gold) for either
your baby or yourself.

Check out my Links page as I bookmark my
favorite websites and share them with you.

I'm also a photographer and I enjoy sharing some of my favorite photos.
The photos posted here are hosted at ImageKind and are available in different
sizes and formats.

At the moment, I am only taking quilt orders by e-mail inquiry.

You can reach me at my e-mail address:


Or on my Quilting line:


Thanks for visiting,

Mary Jane Salopek

E-mail: quiltingcrusader@gmail.com   Phone: 724-776-3872
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